A few reminders


1. It’s okay to say no – give yourself a chance to breathe and do things that you’re only comfortable with.

2. Have some alone time – read a book, go on solo adventures around your city, stay in your pajamas all day and watch your favourite films. Take the time to reflect on yourself and appreciate what you have around you.

3. Watch a sun set or a sun rise – be thankful to be living for another day. And… the beautiful colours it displays in the sky!

4. Straighten your back – it appears when you have a straight back while sitting or standing youΒ present yourself as confident.

5. Sleep well – it’s important to get a good sleep every night. Organize your schedule in order to have a good amount of time in bed.

6. Stay motivated – find something that encourages you to keep on going.

7. Love – love your family, love your friends, love yourself.

Treat yourself to a positive reminder everyday and be thankful for it!


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