Kale and Carrot Chips

Need a little “crunch” for snack time but don’t want to eat raw veg or salty chips? Baking your own kale and carrot chips can be a great alternative!

Make sure your kale and carrots are dry once after you’ve washed them. Although, the carrots were still a little damp for me – I just couldn’t wait any longer and decided to put it while damp! Oops. Once dry (in my case – the kale), add olive oil and line them up on a baking sheet with parchment paper. They do shrink once in the oven but make sure you don’t over crowd them and leave some space in between so the vegetables can bake evenly.


Kale and Carrot Chips

1/2 Β bunch of kale
2 medium or large sized carrots
3 teaspoon of olive oil
Seasoning of your choice (salt, pepper, chili flakes, etc.)

1) Thoroughly wash and dry vegetables
2) Remove the stem and break the kale into small pieces / peel skin of carrots and slice strips by using a vegetable peeler or mandolin
3) Put your dry vegetables in a clean bowl and add the olive oil
4) Line vegetables flat on baking sheet with parchment paper (I used two baking sheets, one for kale and the other for carrots)
5) Bake in the oven for roughly around 10 minutes each at 350Β° F
6) Lightly season your vegetables

Treat yourself to some kale and carrot chips today!


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