Motivation Monday // 1

Every Monday I will be starting off the week with some motivations and inspirations that I found around the web.

Why Monday you ask? Well I think kick starting your week with motivations or inspirations in mind, will keep you excited for what is to come. Whether it will be that coming week or in the soon future.

Now, let’s begin!

An important reminder.

 This chilly weather makes me want summer to come quick! Which also means backyard parties!


After reading the lovely post from Gary Pepper, I couldn’t help but think but how romantic it would be to be proposed under beautiful cherry blossoms. Also, speaking of cherry blossoms, it’s almost that season here in Toronto. I definitely can’t wait until the the flowers bloom. Some places where you can see cherry blossoms trees in the GTA: High Park and Kariya Park.



June 21–July 22

Mercury sneaks into the last house of your chart this week, heightening your intuition and imagination and encouraging you to reflect, meditate, read or study in solitude and pay attention to your dreams. You’ll be more inclined to keep your thoughts to yourself in the coming weeks. An opposition between Mercury and Saturn suggests that your mental escape will be thwarted by your job, responsibilities, health, busyness or everyday tasks. Reality will intrude on your musings and could make you feel glum. You might become preoccupied by worries if you let yourself. This opposition calls for you to balance retreating into your head and dealing with your outer life. The full moon highlights self-expression, creativity, romance and fun versus conforming to a role amongst others and considering group identity and values. Self-righteousness could exacerbate tension, while shifting your viewpoint and relationship dynamics will help.”

I’m not the person who regularly checks their horoscopes. However, after stumbling on this post from Free People, it really caught my interest. Click on the link and check out your horoscope for the week of April 27 – May 3 !

I’ve been a fan of green smoothies for awhile now. Surprisingly, I haven’t made one in a long time. Over the weekend I was looking for new dessert recipes to try out and somehow I ended up looking through smoothie recipes. Can’t complain about that! Eventually, I saw this post from Simple Green Smoothies and thought that I have to try this! They added spinach, water, frozen mango, orange peel and rolled oats. Yes… rolled oats! I’ve heard people adding oats to their smoothies before but never tried.

A good one.Pretty much!!

What keeps you motivated and what is your inspiration for this week?

Treat yourself and kick start the week to some motivation and inspirations today!


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