Motivation Monday // 2

This week I want to focus on health and fitness. It’s that type of thing that keeps on coming in and out of my life. But hey, I’m not giving up just yet! There may not be an ending goal to living a healthy life. But tell yourself why you are doing this and how bad you want it. Most importantly, tell you yourself you are doing it for you.

What keeps you motivated and what is your inspiration for this week?


I always make sure I drink lemon water regularly. Lemon water has a lot of benefits to your body. Which is amazing! It’s refreshing, helps with digestion, boosts the immune system, helps clear skin, removes toxins from your body and that’s just to name a few!


I used to love running. Not on the treadmill, but actually running outside.  Until 2 years ago I rolled my ankle and I haven’t ran as much as I used to since then. I guess you can say I’m not confident in running anymore because I’m scared I will hurt it again. It’s been a few years and I think I’m ready to get back at it again!

I got into yoga last summer. But when I went back to school, I completely forgot about it. One of the motivations that got me going through the yoga experience was participating in the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz on YouTube. I’ve only completed half way but I am excited to start all over again right to the end. I found that her videos were really captivating to me. And she really made me enjoy the learning experience along the way. You can find more about her here.


I’ve had this quote saved on my phone for quite a while now. It was even my wallpaper for maybe about a year. These words really speak out to me. In my opinion it shows the importance of being your own leader. What I mean by that, is that even though you are feeling some sort of defeat or power – remember that you are capable of anything. It’s also great because this quote doesn’t necessarily have to be about health and fitness. It can be absolutely anything.

What are your tips that keeps you motivated/inspired on health and fitness? i’d love to read some of them!

Treat yourself and kick start the week to some motivation and inspirations today!


2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday // 2

    1. Hi Jenna! That’s great to hear that you’re trying to focus on the positives! I can totally relate. It may be hard at some times but having the will power to focus on the positive side really helps!

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