Tips to limit overthinking

We’ve all probably been there before. Whether it is thinking about the schedule for the day, the week, what tasks should be done, what you could have done, tragic events that occurred in the past, etc. Sometimes these events can lead to over thinking.

The objective is to clear your mind. Of course, there will be moments that will cause you to think about these certain events again. By regularly practicing these tips, it can help you identify what needs to be changed in your life. Whether it is to reduce your work load, organize your daily schedule, expressing your thoughts, etc.

Here are some tips to limit over thinking:

1. Go out for a walk – By clearing out your mind, walk around your neighbourhood and get some fresh air.

2. Talk with someone – If you want to express your thoughts and share what you’ve been thinking about, talk to a friend or family member that you trust.

3. Write in a journal – If there isn’t anyone who you trust or feel comfortable talking to, write your thoughts in a journal. This will help you to write down every detail that you have in your mind. This journal doesn’t necessarily have to be shared with anyone. You have the choice to keep it private.

4. Engage in an activity – I found that engaging in an activity (exercise, getting involved in a workshop/class, learning a new hobby) will help you get distracted from your thoughts.

5. Practice mindfulness – I probably mentioned this a few times in my previous posts. But practicing mindfulness regularly can help reduce stress that is accompanied from over thinking.

* Note: Please keep in mind that these tips are from my experience or what I’ve learned in the past about coping with over thinking. I’m not specialized to diagnose your symptoms. If these tips are not helping you, please contact a doctor for further explanation.

Treat yourself today with a clear, positive mind!


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