Go out, explore and have fun!


Most days of the week my friend and I always go out for a walk with my dog in the morning. Since we ended school a while back for the summer, we’re trying to make it a regular thing for us. For a couple of months now we’ve always walked in the same route back and forth. So yesterday, I thought it would be fun to walk on a different route.

There are trails near our homes that passes through a creek. We decided to walk on one of the two trails leaving our neighbourhood. One of the trails would lead us to a plaza/community centre and the second would lead us to a different neighbourhood… well that’s what my friend said. I’ve never been on that trail so out of my curiosity I wanted to go on the second trail and find out for myself. It really wasn’t a long walk. Maybe 10-15 minutes and then we ended up in a neighbouthood. But at the end we spotted a little pond, which I didn’t expect.

Sure, there wasn’t much to see, besides the usual grass, trees and flowers. But when I got home it made me think that I probably would never know what’s on the end of the trail if I wasn’t interested in exploring. It’s funny because I’ve lived in this neighbourhood for 18 years and I wasn’t interested on where the second trail would lead me. Exploring to me, gives me a sense of freedom. There’s no plan, no destination. I don’t have the money to travel to different places in the world. But exploring in my own city is quite fun for me. It’s really the little things that count. Appreciate what’s around you and make the best of it. It’s always fun to break out of your routine and experience new things! Go out, explore and have fun!!
Treat yourself to an adventure today!


2 thoughts on “Go out, explore and have fun!

  1. There definitely is something so refreshing about exploring a new place, even different town that’s not too far from you. Even if you don’t have the resources to take a vacation, definitely can be fun to explore a new place nearby.

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