Chocolate cake with espresso cream


I have quite a story behind this cake. This is a late upload, I actually baked this cake for my brother’s birthday and for mother’s day, both happened to be on the same day! I started off making a black forest inspiredย pavlova cake but I guess the humidity outside and inside was overpowering and the eggs just wouldn’t thicken. It was already getting late and luckily, I had a box of devil’s food cake mix in my pantry (those come in handy in times like these – I always have a box or two!!) I ended up making chocolate cake! Which is perfect because I thought I can make an actual black forest cake.

Later I realized I was just too tired to go into detail of perfecting a black forest cake. So, I pretty much did what I can! Haha! I also found out that I didn’t have a lot of cherries to put on top so then I just layered as much as I can with the cream. Speaking of the cream, this espresso cream is top notch. I can honestly eat this on it’s own… I’m not lying haha. I kind of eye balled the recipe for this cream. By all means if you want more or less of sugar, espresso, whipping cream.. do it! (:

The ending result came out pretty great! Although, I wished I had more cherries! haha. Sometimes, it’s those accidental cakes that comes out better than what you imagined!


Chocolate Cake with Espresso Cream

1 box of (any) chocolate cake mix
4 Cups of 35 % whipping Cream
1/4 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 Shot of espresso
Cherries (packed or fresh)
1 Box of Ghirardelli dark chocolate baking bars
4 Cups of raw walnut pieces

1. Mix and bake your cake according to box instructions and divide the cake mix into 3 9 inch springform cake pans
2. While the cake is baking, gather all your ingredients for the espresso cream. If you are using a mixer be sure to chill the beaters and the mixing bowl before using it. Once chilled, pour in the whipping cream, vanilla extract and espresso. Gradually pour in the sugar, ideally a tablespoon at a time. Once all the ingredients are in, mix until the cream becomes thick and is no longer runny.
3. Once the cake is done baking, allow the cake to cool down before assembling it. Keep your cream in the fridge until then.
4. Layer the cake with the espresso cream and cherries. Be sure to leave a lot of cream for the outside of the cake.
5. Once the whole cake is covered in cream, top it with chocolate shavings. I used a grater to make the shavings. And cover the sides with walnuts.

If you’re having a sweet-tooth-kinda day, treat yourself to this!



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