DIY Cards with pressed flowers


I love love love making my own cards. Honestly, I think it’s more sentimental. All you need are blank cards, glue, paintbrush and your creativity. Since last year, I’ve been into collecting flowers and leaves. Then I was suggested to pressed them in between books so that they can last longer and I thought that is such a great Idea.


I had to make these cards for an event that my church was having on Saturday. Unfortunately, I forgot that the process prior making the cards is a lot longer than actually making the cards. Usually, I would pressed the leaves and wait for it to dry out a week before I start making the cards. I had 2 days all together. 1 day to press them and the 2nd day to make the cards, wait for them to dry and press it again.

Luckily, I found a YouTube video. If you are in a time limit you can use your microwave! Yes, microwave. Click here to watch!Β The microwave dries it up pretty quickly, i’m so happy I found this video.



DIY Cards with Pressed Flowers

Blank Cards
Leaves, Flowers
Glue (any glue will work fine or you can use Mod Podge)
Paintbrush (Preferably the small brush-type)

If you would like to follow the microwave version for drying and pressing them as oppose to the old-fashioned way, go for it! I’ll just briefly explain what you would have to do for those who doesn’t want to microwave them.

Pressing flowers in books

1) Get a portion of waxed paper and fold it in half. Lay your flowers and leaves flat on one side of the paper. Put the other side of the wax paper on top of the flowers and leaves. (like a “sandwich”). Continue this process if you collected a lot of leaves and flowers.
2) Grab a book and insert the wax paper filled with flowers and leaves between the pages.
3) Grab a couple of more books and pile them on top.
4) Usually on the 5th day they will become flat and dry.

Making your cards

1) Carefully pick up the leaves and flowers and choose the design you want to make.
2) Once you’re satisfied with your design, carefully paint the back of the leaves and flowers with glue. You don’t need to put a lot or else it will become too wet and might break.
3) Once dry, Insert the cards in a book (I layered each one with wax paper in between, just in case). Grab a couple of more books and pile them on top. Usually 1-2 days they will become flat and dry.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY! Treat yourself and others to a homemade card today!


6 thoughts on “DIY Cards with pressed flowers

  1. Great idea! I always appreciate when someone make me a postcard. It is more personal and like you said – sentimental :) I am making cards for my closest friends for their birthday and for Christmas :)

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