TYT Community Series | Q&A with Anna

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Anna from A Spoonful of Nature enjoys exploring, taking pictures, cooking healthy recipes, sharing her thoughts on her favourite books and much more! I also have to add, every photos she posts are simply gorgeous! Check out her blog and you can also find her here: Instagram

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1) What does a healthy balanced lifestyle mean for you?

To me it means to feel good about you; your mind, your body and the people who surrounds you. It means to find something that you are passionate about and being creative, it means to do sport; to sleep, to eat healthy (not being on a constant diet but believing and loving the way you eat) and to have time for yourself.

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2) How are you practicing self-care?

I like to run a lot of miles and I follow a plant based diet. I also enjoy being surrounded by nature and I’m lucky enough to know how to be alone with myself!!

3) What are the little things that make you happy?

A candle makes me happy (as stupid as that sounds), a smoothie bowl, a book that makes me cry or laugh, weekends, taking pictures, cooking, traveling, flowers, summer and I could be naming things forever!!

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4) Favourite quote(s) that you love?

This one is very difficult because I love so many quotes!! Whenever I have time I’m always looking for quotes and writing them down on a notebook!!!

But I’d say that my favourites are:

“I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met”

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable”

“Youth is like diamonds in the sun and diamonds are forever”

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5) Is there someone or something that has inspired you to become the person you are today?

I think that I’ve become a mixture of a lot of people, things and experiences!!

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6) If you were faced with your fear, how would you deal with it?

Fear is something that I hate because it’s all mental, so I’d try to leave my mind blank or try to think of any other thing that comes to my mind at that moment. I usually think of the ocean whenever I have to calm down because it gives me peace.



  1. When I became deathly ill with Guilan Barre a rare neurological disease it was a very frightening time in my life. Thankfully I had a very strong support system that included my family, friends and church community. I can’t stress enough the importance of staying positive during life’s trials.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear. Thank you for sharing. I’m glad to hear that you had a very strong support system at that point of your life. I would have to agree with you, there will be times that we won’t have enough willpower to stay positive on our own. But if we have a support system with us, it helps a lot!

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