Just breathe…


I had this .gif saved in my computer for awhile now and I think it’s such a great reminder to practice breathing slowly and consistent. You may think.. it’s just breathing, anyone can breathe… In some ways that’s correct. But on the other hand, having a steady breath can slow down your heart beat into a relaxation mode.

If you ever feel nervous, stressed, worried or encounter any emotions that makes your heart race, remember this .gif and continue to breathe in and out every 3 seconds. If you want, close your eyes or stare at the wall or an object that doesn’t move. Allow yourself to clear your mind and stay in that position until you’re ready to continue on with your day.

Also, once you get into the hang of it, try breathing with or without the .gif and notice how you feel without having this guide in front of you. It may be hard or easy for some. Remember, it’s what you’re comfortable with!

Treat yourself Today with a calm steady breath and mind.


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