TYT Community Series | Q&A with Velly

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Velly from The Wellness Canvas is a believer of having a balanced lifestyle. She also promotes wellness and positive attitudes in her travels. Velly also provides tips about balance, nourishment and active living! Check out her blog and you can also find her here: Instagram and Facebook


trekking flower

1)What does a healthy balanced lifestyle mean for you?

My recipe for a healthy balanced lifestyle is:

Good food (whole foods, natural ingredients)

Physical activity

Spending time in nature and in the sun

Deep sleep

Inspiring work and/or a hobby


Spending time with family and friends

Living in the present moment – here and now

Coconut summer

2) How are you practicing self-care?

What is very important for me is to follow a routine. Therefore, I have a morning routine and an evening routine.

In the morning I do some 10-15 minutes of yoga and I try to do different exercises every day in order not to get bored. Afterwards I do dry skin brushing. I also start the day with a cup of hot water or hot tea (I do not drink coffee at all)

In the evening I love to take a hot shower, then read a book.  I also practice “gratitude writing” by reflecting on all good things which have happened throughout the day.

fruit salad2

3) What are the little things that make you happy?

  • Blueberries and raspberries
  • The colour of the sky right after the sun goes down
  • Playing with dogs

Inspiration in the nature

4) Favourite quote(s) that you love?

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. – Albert Einstein

Fruit present


5) If you were faced with your fear, how would you deal with it?

We can learn from every situation and what we fear is often what we need to overcome the most. I try to turn the situation into a lesson and search for the silver lining.



  1. Thank you so much, Grace for inviting me to be part of your TYT community! :) I love your blog and your idea to create a community of people who can inspire each other :)

    1. You’re very welcome and thank you for being part of it!! I may have just started this community but i’m glad that it’s starting off on a good note and inspiring people along the way!

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