Farmers’ Market: Downtown Brampton

I went to visit the farmers’ market today with a few of my friends. The farmers’ market is always my go-to place to visit during the summer. Plus, since it’s in the downtown area, there’s a whole bunch of boutiques, restaurants and a park to just hang out and spend the rest of the day in.

The weather was perfect to take a stroll up and down the market. It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold, actually it was suppose to rain. I’m glad it didn’t! Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of what my friends and I purchased. But we actually bought quite a few things this time a round. Apple pie, tarts, flowers, peaches, and a cheddar/jalapeno pretzel!

So if you know me… you know that I’m always interested in learning new things. Maybe that’s why I have a lot of hobbies haha. I’ve been watching a lot of vlogs on YouTube lately and yeah you guessed it… I might want to start vlogging! Haha. Although, I’m pretty shy in front of the camera as is. So, i’m thinking of showing clips of my day and putting it in a video. I’ve never made a video in my life, so this might be interesting to do! I actually started recording some stuff from the Farmers’ Market so hopefully in my next post I’ll have something to show you all! Stay tuned (:









Treat yourself to a trip to the farmers’ market and buy local !!



    1. My time there was amazing! Although, I wish I got to see a lot more of Columbus! I was generally in the downtown area so I saw some stuff here and there but didn’t have much time to explore. But from what I’ve encountered, the people there are so nice and everything looks so lovely!

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