Why I’ve started YouTube


Back in July I’ve made the decision to start making videos. After months of obsessing over various of Youtubers and their creativity in making videos, I eventually thought it would be fun to make my own! I’ve never recorded/edited videos in a creative way before. So even though I’ve made 3 videos, I’m still gradually learning about the program I’m using to edit my videos, how to edit, what I should capture, etc.

So the main reason why I wanted to start making videos was to explore this creative side and capture my life through film. I love taking pictures, I think I would choose that over videos any day. However, it’s something new and I love adding new hobbies to my (overwhelming) list haha!

The videos I’ve posted so far is pretty much places that I’ve been to which I felt comfortable taking videos of. I think the majority of videos will be my lifestyle, so Β interesting places I want to show you, maybe recipe videos? YouTube may not be a regular thing for me but I’m open to anything! Hopefully in the future I can start talking to the camera while vlogging so that it’s not just about the footage and music edited in the background.

You may be thinking what’s this got to do with treating yourself…WELL, let me tell you… haha. I’ve mentioned that It’s going to be a new hobby of mine by exploring this creative side. As well as getting out of my comfort zone to record more videos in public places. It’s always fun to learn new things whether you are at school or you’re self-taught. What’s important is that if it’s what you enjoy, then go for it! Liking new things may also lead into getting out of your comfort zone and this is the point where you can learn more about yourself and experience new things that you didn’t know existed.

If you would like to see some (amateur) videos of mine you can check it out here!

Do you have YouTube? Who are your favourite Youtubers? What would you like to see on my YouTube?

Treat yourself to a new experience and exploring a different side of yourself you didn’t even know of!


2 thoughts on “Why I’ve started YouTube

  1. Love YouTube. It’s such a great platform for the brave and creative thinkers. I was obsessed with the idea of vlogging for SO long (my favourites are The Shaytards and The Nivenulls), then I realized that I’m a better writer then I am speaker. Blogging it is! Good luck on your channel, I wish you all the best and good for you for exploring the ideas you had for so long and finally making the leap of creating videos! Cheers 😊

    1. Wow, thanks so much! Not sure if it’s just a phase but I’m enjoying making videos so far! I think I’ll always love blogging, I feel that I can express myself more on here as oppose to speaking in front of the camera. Thanks again for your kind words and support :D

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