Autumnal Adventures

It’s been almost a month but I hope everyone is having an amazing start to autumn! Some people may not care about the seasonal changes. However, I LOVE IT! Autumn has to be my favourite season. Winter comes close ;) I love that the weather in autumn doesn’t get too hot or too cold, how the leaves changes to beautiful brights colours, celebrating Thanksgiving and Halloween in the month of October (which I know it has already passesd but I hope that all my Canadian followers had an amazing Thanksgiving with all your love ones!), pumpkin everything(!!!) and that’s just to name a few!

I love my schedule for school this semester. Most of my classes are in the morning/early afternoon, so I get out pretty early. I’ve been going out on little adventures here and there when I get the chance after class. Here is a little photo journal of the places I’ve been in the past month and a bit. You can pretty much say I’m a tourist in my city because well.. it definitely looks like it from my photos! Haha and I love it! It doesn’t hurt to explore in your own city, you never know what’s out there until you get yourself out there!

 Rode my bike around Lakeshore and I couldn’t help but to take a snap of these bright coloured leaves!


Half way into my bike ride I stopped to look at this view. As you can see there’s an itty bitty CN Tower in the background.


Humber Bay Arch Bridge at Lakshore


Closer view of the CN tower before catching my train to go home.


Sugar beach!


The typical picture when you see leaves on the ground! Couldn’t help it haha


Passed by St. Lawrence Market before reaching Sugar Beach. I was planning to head back hear before catching the train but I forgot. I haven’t been here in years so I’d love to go back one of these days. St. Lawrence Market is pretty much a place where you can get local produce, meats and food that are freshly made. You can also find some unigue arts and crafts from local artisans.


Brookfield place. I love coming here because of this beautiful structure.


Before catching the train I grabbed a quick snack. Sadly I didn’t buy these delicious treats because LOOK AT THOSE! ugh. I ended up buying a pretzel snack (not pictured) but it had cheese and ham on it. Still good!


Recently purchased this book because it’s finally sold in stores!! I’ve followed Rupi Kaur on Instagram for a while now and I’m obsessed. “Rupi Kaur’s first book “milk and honey” is a collection of poetry and prose about survival.  It is about the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity. Split into four chapters, each chapter serves a different purpose.” (taken from her website). Once I get the chance to finish reading the book, I’ll be sure to come back here and tell you all about it from my perspective!


Who else thought these autumn Starbucks cups were cute as heck?!


The iconic “Toronto” sign located in Nathan Philip Square. They put this up just for the Pan Am Games which happened this past summer. Earlier this month, Nuit Blanche took place and they designed the “Toronto” sign with photos that were taken of people that night. So cool!

What are your favourite autumn activities, drinks, food, etc?
Also, as you know by now, I’m from Toronto! I’d love to know where all you guys are from! I think it would be cool if there’s a follower reading from here in Toronto or even all the way from across the world! :) Let me know!

Treat yourself to an autumnal adventure today!


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