DIY snowy votives


Hi everyone! I have another (easy) holiday DIY for you all! I feel like around fall and winter time, candles are used a lot more than other seasons. I love that cozy and warm feeling you get when the candle is lit.


It’s surprisingly warm here in Toronto. Usually around this time of the year, snow would start falling down. I think my snow withdrawals just came in to votive form haha. Β (Wishfully hopingΒ for a white Christmas!!)




DIY snowy votives

Liquid glue
Fake shredded snow (you can find this at the dollar store)
Tea candle lights

1) Remove any labels from the jar
2) Using a paint brush, brush a thin even layer of glue around the jar
3) Roll the jar around in the fake snow *
4) Put the tea light candles inside and light it up! **

* Stick your hand in the opening of the jar so that your hand doesn’t get sticky
** If you don’t want your candle to slide around in the jar, hot glue or tape the bottom of the candle and stick it to the jar.



17 thoughts on “DIY snowy votives

    1. Aw thanks! Cool! I’ll check out your blog. This takes little time to make ;) If you end up making them let me know! I’d love to see it :) Merry Christmas to you too!

    1. That’s funny because this was the first thing I made when I finished my finals!! lol. I was itching to do some Christmas crafts but something simple that I can do right away. I ended up finding all these items at home! Hope you enjoy making them :)

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