Switching off before going to bed


We’re easily consumed by the online world throughout the majority of our day. Whether it is opening our emails, replying to texts, streaming videos, lurking on Instagram or checking Facebook notifications. It’s easy for us now a day to automatically go on our devices, even without thinking about it.

I recommend everyone to try to switch off. For some it may be ย difficult because their life might revolve around it (ex. Youtubers) But I promise you, taking a break from the online world can be beneficial.


If you’re new to switching off, try to leave your devices at least 1 hour (or more) before you sleep. An important tip is to (as much as you can) try not to reply or start a text conversation before you sleep. When you’re already talking to someone, you might be waiting for their reply each time. This will disturbย the habit of switching off.

So you might ask. What should I do during the time I switch off to when I sleep?ย Here are some of my favourite tips:

1) Write in your journal
2) Read a book
3) Give yourself a bubble bath
4) Organize your things/prepare meals for the next day
5) Make a to-do list
6) Meditate/yoga
7) Light a candle and reflect on your day




  1. I find reviewing the to do list for that day and the next day helps me the most – means I can go to sleep with a clear mind! I like your idea of lighting a candle and reflecting as well :)

    1. Thanks :) That’s awesome! By the way, I had to google what a salt lamp is and wow! They look pretty cool. I might have to purchase one! Where did you get yours?

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