Kitten and the Bear


Hey guys! I just wanted to share my little visit over to Kitten and the Bear from last week. They’re located in Toronto, Parkdale area. It’s a cozy little shop and they specialize in jams and scones. If you’re ever in the area or want a place to try out lovely artisan jams, you should definitely go! They also have a jam and scone service throughout the day. Which I tried out and I recommend everyone trying it out too. It includes 4 jams, clotted cream, scones and tea of our choice. I went with my friend and we were so excited and quite in awe. We loved the little details they put into everything. From jams, interior design, to cutlery. I love it all! I couldn’t leave without bringing something home with me. So, I ended up buying one of their seasonal jams – Pear and House Mulled Wine. Which was also 1 out of the 4 jams from the tasting service – I knew I had to get it!

DSC_0518 (2)

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