Tips to become a morning person


Waking up early in the morning can be difficult and pointless for some. Although it really depends on what your daily schedule and routine is. For example, what time you start work or school. Waking up early has so many benefits.

1. Sleep early – When you sleep early, that means you can wake up early, simple as that!

2. Stretch – Whether it is doing small stretches in bed or yoga on the floor. When you stretch you’ll wake up your body.

3. Workout – You know what they say “exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what you’re doing” This is the perfect excuse to start getting active. Sometimes, your schedule can change throughout the day and you might not have time to go to the gym. If you workout in the morning, it’ll be the first thing you do and you won’t have to worry about it throughout the day.

4. Drink water – After a full night of sleep you want to make sure you re-hydrate your body and feel refresh!

5. Don’t go on your phone – (Unless you have some missed calls and texts that you need to respond back right away) But if it’s unnecessary, don’t look through your phone right when you wake up (especially for those social media lovers). It’ll probably make you more lazy and then you’ll stay in bed longer than you have to.

6. Watch the sunrise – It’s rare for some people to wake up before the sunrise. As weird as this may be for some, it’s a beautiful thing. We should all try to enjoy it and be thankful for another day!


9 thoughts on “Tips to become a morning person

    1. I felt the same way. I used to hate the mornings! But eventually, I got used to it and started enjoying wake up early :) When you get the chance maybe you can slowly wake up earlier than you have to. Then maybe you’ll get used to it! :)

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