Chocolate Tofu Pudding


When I first heard that you can make pudding from tofu, I thought “what does that even taste like?” To my surprise, you can’t taste the tofu at all. The chocolate overpowers it. However,  the tofu does all the work in this recipe. It helps thickens the pudding and it becomes a creamy, light dessert! Honestly, you wouldn’t even guess that tofu is the main ingredient!



Chocolate Tofu Pudding

2 Packs of soft tofu
1 cup of chocolate chips
1/4 cup of milk
1/4 tsp of cinnamon
Fresh fruit

1) Drain out the liquid from the tofu.
2) Melt the chocolate.
3) Add all ingredients (except the fresh fruit) in a blender. Blend until it’s all smooth.
4) Top it off with any fruits you like.


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