How to love exercise


It’s no surprise that working out is not enjoyed by many. Then why do we do it? Perhaps to feel fit? Get muscle? Gain strength? Increase self-esteem? Better health?

So how do we make working out more… fun? Here are some tips that will make you start working out and actually love it!

1. Go with a friend – And not just someone who you can get a ride with and part ways when reaching the gym. But actually WORK OUT with them. Find someone who has similar goals. For example if you want to work on cardio, find someone who wants to improve their cardio as well. You can be each others personal trainer (without the cost haha). Encourage each other to keep going.

2. Attend a fitness class that you like – When you like a class, chances are you will return and try it out again. When you keep going to the same class, you get to see yourself improve each time.

3. Buy new (and cute) workout gear – As funny as that sounds, it’s true! If you want to feel good about working out, you should look cute while doing it too (minus the sweat)! It may even help with your self-esteem. But most importantly, wear comfortable clothing that fits just right. Trust me, tight and over sized clothing won’t cut it.

4. Find a workout music playlist or make your own – From my experience, I’ve always loved listening to fast paced music while doing cardio. It’s something about listening to music that makes your body feels energized.

5. Research – Find out why you need to workout and what you need to work on. Going into the gym with no expectations, plans and knowledge can make you feel lost. Allow yourself to be comfortable with each exercise before adding it into your workout plan. If you’re unsure about an exercise, ask someone to demonstrate it. Or ask their opinion/ knowledge on it.

6. Compete with yourself – Here’s a little tip for those competitive ones. I feel that everyone has a goal when they workout. Whether it is to manage to do 20 push ups by the end of the month. Or be able to bench 30 pounds and so on. So the question is how bad do we want it? When you complete your goal, you can move on to the next one. Will there ever be an end goal? Yeah. There can be. But in the mean time find a goal that you’re comfortable with and stick to it until you’re ready to move on.

Did I miss anything? What made you interested in exercising?



  1. Love these! I would also add “commit”. I find that once you get through the first few weeks of discovering those sore muscles you haven’t used in….ever…. you just begin to feel better (mentally and physically) about the whole “active” thing. And a HUGE yes to #2 and #3!! Great post.

    1. Thanks! And yeah you’re right, committing is important! Especially when I mentioned about having “goals”. It would be nice committing to them! Thanks for your input :)

    1. Thanks! And well said! There will be times when you need to just count on yourself. Focus on the importance of your health and the commitment is half way there!

    1. That’s okay! I feel that everyone goes through that “lazy” stage. Maybe start thinking about the benefits of exercising. Maybe you need to lose / gain weight? Be strong? Be fit? And hopefully that will encourage you to start. Or you can always start slow. Try doing easy exercises at home / do a 15 minute workout :) There are endless options!

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