Capturing the moment vs. living in the moment


Picture this: You’re driving up north and you start noticing trees dusted slightly by snow. As you drive up for a couple of minutes, snow is still coming down and starts covering the road. You notice it’s been all year since you’ve seen snow (or any at all), you can’t help but stop on the side of the road and you …take as many pictures to capture the moment or you just watch and live the moment. For me, living in Canada for 23 years, you would think that I know what snow looks like by now haha. But I love to capture the first snowfall of the year. It’s something about the snow that indicates that winter is finally here. Living the moment comes after the “picture phase” when I just get to enjoy the snow because it lasts only a few months.

With that said, I can’t say that there are two types of people who would do just the one. I believe that in different situations one is more convenient than the other.

I believe when we capture the moment we want to remember it through a photo. Sometimes we forget and after many years, we need that photo so that we can relive that memory.  When we live the moment, we want to absorb everything that is surrounding us, without any disturbance.

If you would have to choose, what would it be?



    1. Hey, I’m not sure what emails you’re getting because I’m personally not emailing you. However, if you’re following my blog you might have new updates from my blog sent to your email, automatically. There is an option to change that in your following section “settings” :) Hope that helps.

    1. Aw thank you! :) I feel that now-a-days taking photos is so important and is a lot more common, especially now that a lot people of social media. I’d love to try to just live the moment and not take photos one day when I’m out on a trip or something. But that means I would have to leave my phone/camera at home so I won’t get tempted haha.

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