Chickpea Blondies


Do you ever just crave brownies (or blondies) but want to change up the recipe a little bit?

I saw this Flourless chocolate chip chickpea blondies through Ambitious Kitchen and I thought that I HAD to make these! I’m so glad I did because it tastes just like normal blondies! You can barely taste the chickpeas.Since I was so impatient, I didn’t mix the chickpeas very well (as you can see whole chickpeas still left in the mixture above) haha (oops). Unless you want whole chickpeas in your mixture, don’t be impatient like me! The only thing difference was that I didn’t have any sea salt. But tastes great either way!

What’s your favourite recipe using chickpeas?

Hope you all have a lovely week!





    1. Thanks, it definitely was delicious :) Nice! Can’t wait to see the recipe when you post it! Just checked out your chickpea soup and it looks great. Perfect for the cold weather!

    1. I didn’t find any odd taste at all! Just make sure you blend the mixture until it’s smooth or else you’ll find some whole chickpeas (like how mine turned up haha) then you would definitely taste the chickpeas. Also, since there was peanut butter added to this recipe I found that it overpowers the taste of the chickpeas, which was great! Hope this helps! :)

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