Spring has Sprung!







After a (very) long winter here in Toronto, it seems like Spring is finally here! Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably one of the few that don’t mind the winter (unless it’s bitterly cold out) but after many …many cold days, I wouldn’t mind a little sun and warm weather here and there!

My family and I took a stroll in High Park earlier this week. It was great to finally take around the park. This park is popular in the early days of May as it is when the Cherry Blossom trees start to bloom. However, considering the weather was not the best the few past weeks, unfortunately not a lot of Cherry Blossom trees bloomed this year.

Anyway, since spring is here I can’t help but think of all the spring activities I can finally do! Hm, picnics? boat rides? more walks in a park? Beach hangs? The list can go on and on!

On another note, I uploaded a vlog onto youtube! It’s actually an overdue vlog because thisΒ happened around February, I believe. I finally got around to editing it! Hopefully, you guys enjoy and be sure to subscribe :)

What is your favourite spring activity? Comment down below, I’d love to know!



    1. Thank you and I agree! Spring is lovely :) and being indoors for most of the winter season it’s great to finally have the chance to enjoy the outdoors!

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