Current Favourites



To all the boys I’ve loved before by Jenny Han– I was referred to this book from my best friend a month ago.  This book is about Lara Jean who wrote “letters” to these boys who she said she loved but has never encountered a relationship with them. With that said, the letters she wrote wasn’t for them to read but ideally it was just her way of letting go of her feelings. Later on, she finds that the letters she wrote were sent to the mail without her knowledge and the boys end up reading them which leaves them confused. If you want to read  about a girl going through this obstacle while balancing her family life and school, then you’ll love this book!


Girls – These four girls all have a dream of what their life will look like. However, there are some road bumps and circumstances along the way which causes their lives to go differently as planned.

The Mindy Project – Just like Girls, the main character, Mindy goes through a similar aspect in life. She’s a hardworking doctor who tries to balance her work life with her social life.

I find that I can relate to these two series because it makes you think about how hardworking someone can be but things don’t typically go your way. With that said, you would have to think of other alternatives that fit your lifestyle in order to have the balanced life.


Honeymania Body Butter by Body Shop – Two words: 1.Honey and 2. Butter. Can it get better than that?


Luna Bars – I discovered Luna Bars in my local grocery store only because it was on sale. I’m always on a look out for snacks and I decided to try out these Luna Bars. The ones I tried were Caramel Walnut Brownie and S’mores and let me tell you, they were delish! They remind me more of a dessert than a snack. However, it’s not too sweet so I feel like you can enjoy these bars any time of the day without the guilt ;)

Cliff Builder Bars – Earlier in May I participated in a 5k run in Mississauga and they gave us goodie bags filled with sponsors information and different kind of products. They had a snack size cliff boulder bars in there and I was hooked! They definitely packed in a lot of flavour in those bars. Considering it was a snack size it kept me full for a while which was great.

Have you tried any of these? What are your current favourites?




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