Elora, Ontario


My best friend, Elizabeth and I took the day off to explore the Elora Quarry and the Elora Gorge which is about a 1 hour drive from Toronto. Elora is known to be the most beautiful village in Ontario. I quickly noticed why. Elora is a small village the surrounds the grand river but it also has its’ own unique beauty to it. As Elizabeth was driving into what may be their “downtown” – I got this close community/home-y vibe to it and I loved it.

Out first stop was the Elora Gorge. It’s known for their campsites and hiking trails. We hiked the trail and found a “hole in the floor” – which, literally is a hole in the floor! There are stairs leading down to the hole and you can overlook the gorge. We noticed as we looked below to where the river was, people were walking right beside it and that is where we wanted to go! As what may have felt like forever (aka 20 minutes? ha!) we finally arrived at the location where people were tubing along the gorge. It was such a beautiful sight of all the trees from above and the excitement of people tubing.

Our second location was the Elora Quarry. Oh and let me tell you everything about this place was gorgeous!!! It was probably a 10-15 minutes drive from the gorge. (Side note: if you purchased admission to the gorge, you can get into the quarry for free! Just make sure you have your receipt with you!) For those who you might now know, a “quarry” is a place where sand, rocks, etc. are removed. Which causes a large pit or hole to be formed. I saw pictures of the quarry before that day and it definitely exceeded my expectations. There were people hanging out on the cliff, some were even cliff jumping, others were sunbathing on the sand and many people were swimming in the gorgeous blue water.

Hanging out by the beach after hiking was a great way to end our day trip in Elora. It was my first time there but definitely not my last! The best part was that it didn’t take long to get there!  Sometimes, the best places are the ones close to home. I encourage everyone to explore what’s close close by your city. You never know what kind of hidden gems you’ll find out there!















Also, check out this little video I made from our day there!







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