Road Trip Essentials

I’ll be going on a 12 hour road trip to the states soon. So, I’ve decided to compile a list of my top road trip essentials!!

1. Have a good sleep before hitting the road – This especially goes out to the drivers/co-drivers. No matter what time you’re leaving be sure to have a good sleep and feel rested before driving. Especially if you’ll be driving for numerous of hours.


2. Food and drink – It’s always good to stay nourished and hydrated during long drives. Of course there are restaurants and snack shops off the highway, however, sometimes you might not always get the chance to stop. Also, it’s great if you bring your own food so that you won’t get tempted to buy junk food. For snacks, it’s also great to bring a various selection. I always make sure I bring some kind of snack bars with me. It’s filling, nutritious and it’s small enough to leave in your bag.
3. Music – Who doesn’t love a sing-a-long/car dance party while you’re on the road? I always find that when you’re on the road, the radio stations in your car will eventually have static or there aren’t any good songs playing. Bring your favourite CD’s or use the AUX cord when you want to choose music from your phone. Also, I recommend bringing your headphones too, for those who just want to listen to their own music, while the others are listening to something else.


4. Things that will keep you entertained – Books are always great to bring when you want to keep yourself busy instead of counting down the time you have left before reaching your destination. If reading isn’t your thing, you can bring a word search, Sudoku, crossword puzzle, etc. to keep your mind thinking. If you’re the artsy type, bring a colouring book with you. I know there are some people, who just can’t focus on a book or any reading material because it makes them nauseous. Maybe you can play “I Spy” or there are plenty of apps that can people you or the whole car entertained.

5. Maps (and I mean the paper maps that you can actually hold) – This may be old school to some. Or some of you maybe have never used an actual map. However, you can’t always count on your GPS. I recommend to also bring a map of where you’re going or a map that you printed from online with directions.


6. Bring a Camera – If you’re going to a place you’ve never been before, it’s always great to capture those memories. I always find that if the adventure going to the destination is just as fun. Be sure to capture the moments if you have with your family and friends and enjoy!

What do you think of this list? Am I missing anything?



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