Well-being checklist for the winter season

I know it’s technically autumn still. But it’s never too late to prepare!

1. Adjust your time accordingly – Daylight savings already passed but it’s best to adjust your time. You may have noticed that the sun goes down much earlier, so that might trick people to end their day just because it’s dark out. When ideally, there are more hours left in your day. Just like when it’s gloomy outside, the darkness can make people feel “tired” and “lazy”. To trick your brain that there are a few hours left in your day, try making a list of what needs to be done after 5 or 6 pm. With that, you know that you need to get things done.

2. Get ready for the flu season – Sure, there is some controversy on getting the flu shot. If you highly believe that that is not for you. That’s totally up to you! However, it is likely for people to catch the flu, especially when the weather drops down drastically. So how can we prevent from getting the flu? Some ways can be bringing hand sanitizer with you, bundle up, don’t cover your sneeze or a cough with your hands – if you do, wash it immediately!

3. Stay active -Just because the sun goes down earlier doesn’t mean that the days are shorter! Don’t let daylight savings prevent you from getting out there and staying active. Here are some tips to try (don’t worry, the gym isn’t involved!) Since the sun comes out earlier, why not wake up a little bit earlier and go out on a short morning walk? If you take a transit bus as your transportation, try getting off a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way. OR if you’re feeling adventurous (and have time) – don’t take the bus and walk all the way to your destination. If you drive, park farther from the entrance of the building.  For those chilly days, you can always stay active at home by trying out yoga or jogging up and down the stairs.

4. Keep your brain moving – Not only do you want to keep physically moving but also your brain. Why you may ask? I know based from my experience, I like to indulge myself in movies and shows (especially Christmas related movies and shows, for that time of year). Something about getting cozy and bundled up in your blanket while watching a good film always makes my winter days better. So how can we keep our brains moving? You can read something informative like the newspaper, your favourite book or working on some puzzles.


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