The Body Shop haul + review


I’ve recently started going to The Body Shop because of all the different lotions and creams they have. To be honest, the only reason why it took me this long to step into the shop was because of all the different types of products they have. As well as, they had a lot of strongly scented creams (in my opinion). I usually like the more subtle fragrance. Don’t get me wrong, I had the same thoughts about Lush and Bath and body Works. However, there were some that made me become hooked!


Honeymania body butter and hand cream – I absolutely love the smell of this one. I found that the fragrance isn’t too strong. I first bought the body butter and it feels amazing on my body. Leaving it smooth and smelling nice. A couple of weeks later, I bought the hand cream. I just had to have a small sized Honeymania to put in my bag!


Coconut body milk – I love love love the smell of coconut. I’m currently using a coconut shampoo from Herbal Essences and I do a coconut oil hair mask once in a while. Now that I found this body milk in Body Shop, I was hooked! I personally like putting this on after having a shower at night. So when I go to sleep, I get to smell like coconuty-goodness. So it doesn’t have a creamy texture to it, just like what the bottle says, it kind of feels/looks like think milk. Does that sound weird? Kind of. haha but it works great! I think the fact that it’s “milky” and not creamy, it doesn’t leave your skin oily. It practically absorbs to  your skin.


Jasmine Perfume Oil – Unfortunately, I can’t find this online because I purchased this last year. However, I love all of their perfume oils. it’s great because it it doesn’t finish quickly. I simply dab it on each side of my neck and it lasts the whole day!

Stick Lip Balm Pomegranate – When I went inside the shop, I  didn’t necessarily want a lipstick, however, I wanted something that can tint my lips just a bit. I was recommended by the sales associate to try out this lip balm. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want a fragrant lip balm. Especially pomegranate, I thought it would smell weird. However, I still bought it and gave it a try… and I love it. It tints my lips to a pinkish/rosy colour just a little and the smell was just alright. But it’s doable.


Sweet Almond Oil Nail Remover – I’ve been buying drugstore nail polish remover ever since I started painting my nails. And that’s been YEARS. When I stumbled upon this nail polish remover, I opened it and smelled it. If you’ve bought drugstore nail polish remover you know that some may smell like alcohol (bleh). So when I smelled it, I was quite it awe. This remover removes your nail polish quickly and leaves a subtle shine to it because of the almond oil.

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