Spring back to better health

IMG_5619Can you believe that it’s going to be spring in a few days? Yeah, neither can I! The past few weeks, the weather has been questionable… snow here, sunshine there, warm temperature and gloomy clouds. Although I do love winter, this year I wanted spring to come faster. A few months back I made a blog post about how to take care of your well-being during the winter. Now that spring is around the corner, I decided to make a similar blog post for this upcoming season. I know the transition in weather can affect a lot of people (aka laziness, sickness) So I made some tips that I think might help!

1. Open up those curtains! – This may be an obvious one, but since the days are transitioning into becoming longer, that only means that the sun will be out longer. Winter days are known to have the most darkest and gloomiest days – so the lack of Vitamin D that we didn’t get during those winter months will finally be here. So it’ll be great to absorb some Vitamin D, every chance we take.

2. Go out for a walk – The weather will get warmer and the sun is out. So why not take the advantage to spending some time outdoors? After being cooped up indoors, I think we should reward ourselves, yeah?

3.Β Spring cleaning! – Either you hate it or love it. I started enjoying cleaning out my room just a couple of years ago and I realized that it should be a regular thing! I tend to clean out my room every season. But starting out in spring is a good start! It’s a great time to finally dust out your furniture, change your fall/winter clothing to spring/summer clothing, go through clothes that you need to throw away or donate, wash your bed sheets. A fresh start to a new season will feel a lot better when your home is looking spotless. And while doing that be sure to open all your windows and listen to some great music – that will definitely get you in the mood for cleaning.

4. Add seasonal food – Trying adding new produce into your diet. Swap out the winter veg with what’s in season now. Asparagus, spinach, peas, artichokes and swiss chard – just to name a few.


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