Niagara On The Lake


Last week I went to visit Niagara On The Lake for the very first time! I’ve heard so much about it, seen lovely photos. So naturally, my expectations were high and when I arrived, I was in full awe. Niagara On the Lake, is such a beautiful town. Keep in my mind that Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake are completely different. In fact, they’re about 25 minutes apart. Although Niagara On The Lake was quite busy that day – it just feels about right. As oppose to being within the crowd by the falls.

When you arrive in the town, immediately you see shops and restaurants lined up and down the streets. What’s great, is that majority of the shops are locally owned. If you know me, you know that I try my best to buy locally, whether they are products or groceries. You can also find some quirky stores and even a “Just Christmas” store!! Which I loved. When you continue to go down the street you’ll find a grassy/field area. As you continue to go down, you’ll find the lake! I love being around the water – it’s just so therapeutic to watch and listen to the waves. It’s so beautiful and calming. You can sit on benches and watch the view that overlooks the lake. Or if you planned ahead, you can have picnic right on the field. It’s also possible to take a little swim and hang out by the rocks. This place is so historic and such a lovely place to visit. I would recommend it in a heart beat! Fun fact, Niagara On The Lake is also known as the “Flower City”. You’ll find beautiful plants and flowers lined up on the sidewalks, on buildings and even on the middle of the road.



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