New Beginnings

Hi all! Guess who’s back? Back again…..

ha! If you’ve been sticking with me since the very beginning, you know that I’ve been on and off this blog train. When I started this blog, I had a huge passion for advocating for the importance of your well-being. Don’t get me wrong, I still do. It’s just that the motivation of writing posts, uploading Instagram photos, even in my own personal time – it can be a lot, especially if you’re still struggling to take care of yourself on the daily.

I would still love to create posts and interact with you just like old times. Over the past 2 months, I have been thinking about coming back to this blog. I created this blog for a reason and I’ll continue to work on it, no matter what it takes. I’ve learned that if you want to let things go to start something new, then do it. With that said, I’ve deleted many blog and Instagram posts. The reasons why I’ve been deleting posts is because I’m simply not attached to it. If that even makes sense. I probably uploaded those posts just for the sake of posting, it didn’t make sense to me or I just didn’t like the photo (ha!)

These past months I’ve also been re-evaluating my well-being. Sometimes, we need to be able to recognize that we simply need help. Or the reassurance that the goals we are achieving are not too big or not too optimistic for us. Or most importantly that we need to take a pause in life. What I mean by that, is to just take things a step at a time. We like to over think or overestimate our own well-being that eventually it might kick us in the butt. I love making goals and having dreams for my future because why the heck not!? But taking things a step at a time – you can easily eliminate the negativity and find your priorities in your life.

So what am I currently doing to help my healthy well-being? I like to say that I have these yoga “phases” – I would practice yoga for a couple of weeks and then stop for a couple of months (I know, I know – so not ideal.) I love yoga because of the meditation aspect of it. Then the strength building comes to a close second. With that said, I’m hopefully trying to practice yoga regularly. I also love to read non-fictional books relating to self-help. I’m currently readingΒ The Financial Diet to help me understand a little bit more about saving and investing. These past months had really opened my eyes upon my re-growth period. I encourage you all to do the same!

Come with me on this new journey, hopefully this time it’ll be longer! Cheers to new beginnings.

Peace and love.






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