Yes, that photo is not tricking you. I use 4 journals. All for separate reasons. Without having to keep all my notes in one journal, I figured that if I have separate journals – this will allow me to stay organized and keep my notes in their appropriate book. I know a lot of people use their phone to keep notes and save upcoming events on their phone calendar. But I find that if you do that, then you’re just going to spend extra time on your phone. I’ve used my phone exactly for those reasons before. Especially when I was in university. I mean, who would want to drag around an extra book/s along with your school notebooks and textbooks in your bag??! But I’ve always loved collecting journals and writing just plain nonsense in them since I was young. Now that I’m older, I’ve grown to love to express my feelings on paper and making lists. In this post, I’ll be explaining why I use 4 journals.


This book is used to simply write down any thoughts or lists that pop up in my mind. I bring this notebook everywhere I go. A lot of people result in using their phones to jot down thoughts. Although, I’m guilty of doing that from time to time. But writing it down on paper feels a lot better than constantly typing it on the phone. This is mainly used if I need to quickly jot things down. This is a great source as oppose to having scrap pieces of paper in your bag and then throwing it out because you think it’s garbage. Yup, true story.


This book is used for more personal thoughts. Younger girls would call it a “diary.” Yup, I have one of those. This book really means a lot to me because it helps me express my feelings pen to paper. Anything that’s been bothering me or an exciting event that happened in my life, it goes in this book. I put a lot of thought and detail into what I write in this book because when I read it again, I want to picture it in my head.

Financial notebook

I’ve recently bought this book to help me with my finances. Let me just tell you that I’m pretty bad at saving money. I know, I said it. I buy things left to right – for things I don’t even need. I’m sure we all have those impulse buys. So for this book – I plan to track down all my expenses, any notes to encourage me not to spend and hopefully by this my spending can limit down and I can start saving. Don’t get me wrong. I do understand the importance of money. But I’m sure this will help me with my savings. I know you can always go to your bank’s website to check but I feel like having your notes in the palm of your hand seems more efficient. Even if you want a quick look at how you’ve improved… (or not, ha!)


Sure, using an agenda is not necessarily a journal. But you’re still writing things down! Having an agenda is self-explanatory. You write down your upcoming events and due dates, if any. When I used to be in school, I used to save all of my important dates on my phone. But since I’ve been out of school I’ve been trying to use an agenda more. By doing this, it will encourage me not to rely on my phone for alarms and notifications. Which I love.


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