Plan With Me – April

I’m a little late but Happy April!

I’ve seen a lot of these “Plan With Me” segments on blogs and on Youtube. And I think it’s a great way to jot down what your to-do/wish list for the upcoming month. In my previous post I talked about journaling – how it’s an efficient way to gather all your thoughts into a book (in my case, I’ve got 4). Now, I’m starting to realize that even this blog is like a journal. It helps me to express my feelings and the fun part is that it’s not only for me but for every one to read!

If this segment is something you would like to see monthly, I would be happy to share my monthly lists and maybe even do a follow-up post on how my month was!?

Sounds interesting?

So here it goes:

April is that time of the year when you know the season is going to change. Habits and routines may also change. Maybe your output in life is going to change. Or is that just for the New Year? ha! Nope. Some people like to do some spring cleaning around the house. For me? Who doesn’t love a clean house? But I also love to “spring clean” my mind. What does that mean? Every now and then I like to change up my routine. Primarily because it just makes sense. When you live in a place that has 4 seasons, you can’t help but to change things up. Plus, not everyone wants to live the same life

Plan with me – April

  • Attend a yoga class once a week
  • Have a smoothie every morning
  • Finish reading the book “P.S I Still Love you” – By Jenny Han
  • Start a Non-fiction book
  • Learn about crystal healing

I’m starting a small list right now. But I also have a list in my journal where it’s more personal. Let’s see how this works!



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