Happy Earth Day

Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

This quote is by far my favourite quote ever! I’m not quite sure how I stumbled upon it. But I’m sure just like any other quotes you always try to find motivation and some kind of inspiration from reading them. So the moment I read this quote, it definitely spoke to me.

Today is Earth Day!

What does that mean exactly? We grow up learning about saving electricity, saving water, reuse, reduce and recycle. But as we get older we learn that there is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

Social media is such a great platform to learn about the extra bits that we’ve never heard about or that we choose to ignore. And there’s so many inspiring people that are passionate about having a greener Earth – which makes me feel inspired myself. For example, did you know plastic is a single use product? Therefore “a significant amount of which will end up in the ocean“? Using plastic is probably the most common and perhaps efficient product to use in our every day lives. However there are other ways to substitute plastic. For example, using reusable containers with lids to cover food with and using a reusable water bottle. And have you heard of Fast Fashion? If you buy clothes from companies like H&M, you are encouraging these companies to create a business that are not giving their factory workers a safe and quality job. “Trends” are what you think come in every season. However, with these companies they come out every week. Which then will entice the customers to regularly buy from their stores and continue to pay their factory workers at below minimum wage. How can we help? Go thrifting! We always see old fashion trends come back anyway. So why not get it at a lower price or reasonable price at a vintage / second hand store.

So what am I doing to help the Earth? I may not be the best at being a role model at saving the planet. But I am trying. A little goes a long way. So of course I try my best to save water and electricity. I’ve actually stopped using water bottles. I’m not going to lie, I was an avid user of using water bottles because they were always present. So reminding myself by bringing a reusable water bottle helps a lot. Living a zero waste and a sustainable life may not be in my nearest future but I am open to it.

There are so many resources online, books that we can read and people to follow that we can learn so much from. I felt that the past 4 months I’ve been (unknowingly) following people on Instagram that practice the zero waste lifestyle or even leaning towards it. Now that my mind has opened up to this lifestyle, I avidly go through their Instagrams and watch their journey to this life and take notes from them.

Here are a few of my favs:

Aneta // @rubysunn : Aneta is a plant-based gal who first introduced me to the zero-waste lifestyle by the posts she had uploaded. I’ve been following her for years and always felt inspired looking through her posts but when she started talking about this lifestyle I’ve become really intrigued by it. She creates her own cleaning solutions, make sure she brings reusable bags in her shopping trips and buying in bulk.

Screenshot_2018-04-20-22-24-09Kimi // @kimijuan : Kimi lives in the Philippines and she makes living a zero-waste lifestyle so much easy. She buys local and even has her own produce and herb garden. She also makes her own reusable totes!

Screenshot_2018-04-20-22-23-45Stevie // @stevieyaaaay : Just like the other ladies I’ve mentioned, Stevie makes sure to bring her cloth produce bags and reusable tote bags when she goes out shopping. She also sells an olive oil based face lotion that she created herself. She also pays extra attention to her packaging too!


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